Travel implies a change of location which in turn implies mobility. Consequently, the very essence of travel has ensured that the travel industry will be at the forefront of seismic industry shifts that are attributable to the adoption of mobile platforms.

Airlines, hotels and car companies are rapidly adopting mobile solutions and forging ahead to leverage mobile as a potentially significant distribution channel. The third-party mobile apps marketplace is filled with a smorgasbord of offerings to add value to the traveler and the travel experience and more are on the way.
However, industry research suggests that the corporate travel managers and the TMCs that cater to that segment are just starting to respond to these trends and the change that it entails. Along with the challenges of technical complexity and security, these entities are grappling with how to accommodate traveler preferences and trying to ascertain in what ways value and efficiency can be added.

Ariose is at the forefront of this charge and has been there for a while. We understand the forces coming to bear on the corporate travel manager and the TMCs that they work with. We understand the technical challenges, complexity and dependencies of the technology infrastructure that enables travel. We understand what is possible to do, and to do well on the mobile device. And we understand the expectation from the user experience which will qualify a trip as the ‘perfect trip’. Talk to us about how we can help.

One of the largest mobile apps that we have developed is the MakeMyTrip (Nasdaq: MMYT) mobile travel booking app, which has seen over a million downloads as of June 2013.

In addition, we bring to market EventsOnMobile a mobile product for conference, meeting and event management.