Providing ‘anytime, anywhere' access, our MPower platform presents an enterprise with limitless opportunities to extend excellence beyond the four walls of the business. It enables business users to access, query and update corporate information from their mobile phones in secure and cost effective way. The organization will be able to ensure consistency of customer service, rapidly respond to customer needs in real time, manage and control business processes more efficiently, extend existing IT investments into the field and reduce the costs of doing business.

MPower helps the organization make the most of every customer encounter by ensuring that the field team has accurate information, streamlined processes, and seamless communications. MPower makes it quick and easy to synchronize information with office systems,and shortens time-cycles by getting rid of duplicated effort and avoiding inaccuracies caused by freehand input methods.

MPower allows developers to mobilize existing applications expeditiously by leveraging the power of following components

  • Enterprise Connectors - out of the box connectors for integration with back-end systems
  • Mobile Forms & Reports - an accelerated mobile application development platform
  • Portal - Web & mobile portal framework with end user personalization. An AJAX based Unified View and Reporting for all transactions that happen across the systems.
  • Device Manager - an enterprise-class mobile platform that facilitates mobile application deployment
  • Unified Communication Layer – SMS/GPRS connectivity layer