Analysts project that mobile computing is going to replace laptops, desktops, POS as the primary mechanism to access applications in a fairly short time frame. Because of its pervasive use and real-time convenience, the mobile platform is a disruptive technology that is impacting the retail industry in a big way.

In particular, mobile computing is impacting the way end consumers interact with brands and products. Beyond the interaction mobile computing iis impacting how business can gather input at the point of sale and how they measure and report information in real time from the field. This in turn, enables the provision of feedback to business and customers in real time.

Ariose is in the forefront of this revolution and helping end customers to embrace mobility in the following arenas:

  1. Digital marketing - Product information
  2. Moving beyond text based campaigns to provide rich interface over Mobile Web and applications across a wide variety of devices and platforms.
  3. Intelligent Field Reporting - online through a connected device or offline collection if connectivity is not available.
  4. Brand recall for end customers through games, on device applications, information and tips.
  5. Reporting, Statistics and Dashboard – web based and on devices
  6. Mobile Solutions that enable data gathering – images, video, text from the field in real time.
  7. Sales force solutions using devices.
  8. Mobile Loyalty
  9. QR code
  10. Location based services

Ariose has provided number of solutions to a wide variety of customers. We have helped in

  1. making content mobile friendly
  2. making it easier to interact on mobile
  3. making available information contextual to users preferences and location and many other use cases. Get in touch with us to help you.