Mobile Education

The evolution in education and training from in-class to distance learning is now primarily evolving on mobile phones and tablets. With the advent of new and a large variety of tablets on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile – learning on the tablet devices is getting increasingly popular and pragmatic.
Ariose is working with multiple education and content providers to bring them on the mobile device and tablet and Ariose is working on creating end to end solutions for their customers.

The different components of the solution needed for this evolution are:

  1. Scalable web server
  2. Payment integration for purchase and in App Purchase
  3. Device clients on tablets and phones on Android, iOS, Windows mobile

These solutions are characterized by a variety of features

  1. Interactive learning through Multiple Choice Questions
  2. ePUB Reader across platforms including search, highlight and notes
  3. Scalable server-side content management platform to upload and publish content – books, tests, video
  4. Detailed analysis across subjects and students with Reporting and Analytics on the device and server
  5. Social Integration
  6. Custom Content Protection for devices
  7. Payment integration with third party payment providers across different options like Credit cards, Debit cards, Banks and in App Purchase

Mobile Education breaks boundaries across geographies and genders to provide a platform for continuous learning. Ariose is pioneer in providing these services for variety of publishers, institutions and test preparations.