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Mobile Web

Ariose's mobile application development and mobile platform expertise have provided exemplary and cutting-edge solutions to our global client base for over five years delivering 200+ mobile projects.

Mobile devices have become a very important part of our life. Today the device is the primary source of access to the internet for a large number of people - from information, search, social, networking games and a variety of other engagemetns with the web. Today feature phones are increasingly becoming more Internet enabled and the smart phones are getting smarter to provide a richer experience of the internet on the phone.

Ariose's experienced mobile development team provides mobile web development across smart phones and feature phones - thus enabling access of information across a wide range of devices.

Our differentiators

  • At Ariose, we are extremely passionate about mobile and our in-depth, comprehensive and extensive expertise in mobility is unmatched.
  • Ariose provides mobile web development for HTML5 (smartphones), HTML and xHTML (for feature phones) to enable access.
  • Availability of devices, emulators, comprehensive mobile testing process to ensure complete coverage and testing.
  • Resuable building blocks to accelerate development process and cost effective solutions.
  • Agile development methodology and close interaction ensures complete client involvement and better solution delivery.
Ariose has created a variety of mobile web solutions across different domains Some of them are
  • Enabling ecommerce sites to come on mobile - complete shopping experience on the mobile including payment using mobile.
  • M-commerce solutions.
  • Enterprise mobility - allowing field force to provide data access in the field - thus ensuring availabilty of data in real time.
  • Listings on the mobile.
  • Recharge on the move - enabling users to recharge their mobile, DTH on the move.