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Location Based Services(LBS)

Location Based services(LBS) enables us to provide targeted information specific to a location.
GPS is the best example of LBS we use frequently.

  1. Requesting the nearest business or service, such as an ATM or restaurant.
  2. Parcel or Vehicle Tracking
  3. Location-based mobile advertising in Mobile Commerce: Giving discount coupons or advertising directed at customers based on their current location.
  4. Mobile Check-In: To let your friends know about your current location.
  5. Games where your location is part of the game play.
  6. Locating people on a map displayed on the mobile phone.
  7. Turn by turn navigation to any address.

Almost 74 percent of smartphone users enable location-based services to get real-time information, with 18 percent using the technology to "check in" to share their location with friends. location-based services can range from Google Maps to Foursquare. Most popular apps now include the feature. The mobile photo-sharing app Instagram lets users tag a photo with its geo-location. Facebook launched its own location-sharing service, Places, in 2010.

Using Location-based services, your organization can tap into that on-the-go market by producing special offers and making it easy for your customers to spread the word about your business. Location-based services give you a great way to identify and reward your frequent customers. Best of all, these services offer FREE word-of-mouth advertising and promotions.