Java Servers

Ariose has in depth experience implementing mobility solutions for a variety of customer verticals. Each customer need is unique and different. We understand, create and integrate with a variety of backend systems through direct connectivity, standard third party connectors or middleware.

Ariose has extensive expertise in creating solutions for back end systems that can be hosted on cloud, dedicated data centers or inside enterprises. These solutions support complex business requirements and workflows.

The team at Ariose creates scalable, robust server side and device agnostic solutions that help solve important problems for the client. Some of the case studies are presented below and more are available on request.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, where superior service is often the distinguishing factor in customer retention and market growth – we provide some key differentiators like

  • Expertise in reducing total cost of development by use of open source components and third party tools when possible.
  • Really agile processes implemented with emphasis on continuous integration using tools like Maven
  • Agile process
  • Use of automation tools for testing
  • Integration of Social and Location

Some of the verticals where we have created high end server solutions that have Interactive Web Based applications, Scalable Applications using J2EE, SaaS Applications, business Intelligence

  1. Mobile commerce
  2. Subscriber Management and Operator Billing Integration
  3. Payment Integration
  4. Maps and Location
  5. Video Streaming
  6. Integration and customization of various protocols and technologies
  7. Enterprise Integration