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Technology and Product Companies

For organizations bringing products to market, the extension of these products and their mobile enablement has become a critical imperative. These products could be for business or end customers - offering variety of functionalities and features.
Ariose helps a variety of technology companies to extend their offering on mobile platforms - this could be in the form of native or web applications. We use our vast expertise on variety of platforms, domains and engineering skills to create the optimum solution on mobile. We help extend their solution on mobile, cloud and social.
Ariose uses their indepth expertise and experience of more than 300 applications to create the best possible solution. We provide the enterprise with appropriate options for a viable mobile strategy.
Our mobile strategy encompasses solutions like security, device management, data handling, storage, content management and collabration. We bring the expertise to the table to ensure that the strategy works for the client on an on going basis.

ARIOSE has extended their expertise to variety of technology companies

  1. Streaming products
  2. CRM products
  3. Sales force
  4. Field reporting
  5. Data collection