Ariose offerings are built across a deep and broad matrix of technologies and applications. The team has many years of experience in the design and development of protocol stacks, protocol analyzers, VOIP client and server, call tracing, traffic generators, client-server architecture, application level analysis and graphical user interface.

We have worked in the area of voice and data convergence and have created VOIP solutions for embedded, mobile and server platforms.

The team has delivered solutions on variety of multiprocessor systems ensuring proper exploitation of multi core technologies.

We have already created solutions for







  VOIP– Indepth knowledge in SIP,      H323, H324, RTP,SRTP

Security  – Core expertise on      development of Firewall

Authentication Protocols – Radius,      LDAP

Management Protocols – Network      management protocols like SNMP,      OpenNMS, HP openview
Signaling Protocols: ATM, UNI Signaling, SS7, Q931/RIM

Subscriber Management

Operator Integration with IN

SMS and USSD Integration

Scalable J2EE servers using open      source like Hibernate, Spring, Struts

   Java, J2SE

Database – Oracle, MySQL , SQL      Server

Ariose is leveraging its expertise to deliver services to the entire VAS spectrum. End to end service. Some of the areas we work

  •     Enhancing, Creating, Interface with SMSC, USSD Gateway
  •     Security Protocol development including VOIP, SS7, and wireless Protocols
  •     Open Source Telecom Software Customization
  •     Billing Integration
  •     Authentication protocol extension and development like Radius, LDAP
  •     Ongoing system development and maintenance
  •     Integration and customization of various protocols and technologies
  •     Monitoring Software
  •     Operator IN integration
  •     Carrier Grade, High end Application servers with Web 2.0 Frontends