TrackOnMap is a vehicle and resource tracking solution that brings the power of navigation technology to the day-to-day life of the common man.

The solution provides reliable wireless tracking technologies and enriched service experience for enterprise and business customers.

The solution is useful for sales force, service engineers, courier boys, security guards, school busses, travel agencies etc or in short for every enterprise that has people or assets moving on the road.


  •     The solution is available as a hosted solution, for quick and easy set up customize and use.
  •     AJAX and Web 2.0 interface for desktop client.
  •     Mobile client runs on all Symbian Handsets
  •     The solution works on both GPS and Cell-ID
  •     Map Integration with Google maps.
  •     Location Data is available via a website, accessed over secure access via internet.
  •     Real time location tracking on map.
  •     Real Time reports.