CORTEX is a carrier class Subscription, Charging and Content Delivery Platform.

The system is designed to provide the value added service providers and content providers a scalable and redundant core which provides multiple combinations of input and output channel, provisioning & charging interfaces and dynamic real-time content fetching capabilities.

CORTEX performs unique functions that significantly reduce the time and cost of resolving time-sensitive, mission-critical business problems. Its Features includes

  •     Multiple Input Channels SMS, USSD, WAP, GPRS, IVR
  •     Provisioning Service based, Subscriber based
  •     Intelligent Charging
  •     Administration Interface Configuration and Monitoring
  •     Customer Care Interface
  •     Independent Reporting Engine
  •     Content Store house
  •     GMLC integration for Location Based Services
  •     Push and Pull Services
  •     Advanced subscriber analytics
CORTEX combines powerful technologies in a single platform to create a state-of-art solution.

1.  Robust J2EE stack on Linux, Windows and Solaris

2.  Support for MySQL, Oracle, Postgres databases

3.  SMPP v3.4 support