Ability to deliver on aggressive schedules makes Ariose a partner of choice for any organization product development requirements. We have created solutions that span a variety of technologies in Mobile, Telecom, Networking and Security.

The team at Ariose creates scalable, robust server side and device agnostic solutions that help solve important problems for the client. Some of the case studies are presented below and more are available on request.

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  • mCommerce
  • VOIP
  • Infotainment
  • Social Networking
  • Location Based
The application is client server application for a bank to enable mobile banking for their customers. The application provides banking features on the handset. The handset application provides enhanced security in terms of OTP for transactions,  secure communication with server. The server integrates with web services exposed from the bank.

Ø  Ability to work across all handsets that support J2me applications resolution and key handling varies across manufacturers.

Ø  Secure method of application distribution and accessing various banking services

Ø  Ability to provide custom branding and messages controlled from the server.


Ø  A mobile application that works across multiple resolutions and handset manufacturers. The application is custom compiled for every user that registers for mobile banking. It provides all banking features that are typically provided on internet banking.

Ø  The scalable server allows user registration, MIS, repots and integration with banking services.

Ø  Enhances security by providing a custom built application for every user on registration. This can be unlocked by a OTP. This ensures high customer confidence for mobile banking.

Ø  Server controlled branding and messages.


Ø  Minimum  number of code bases makes maintenance easier.

Ø  Support for a wide variety of handset helps to enable mbanking  for a wide audience.

Ø  Server can be integrated with different banks

The handset application provides client to initiate a call over the IP network. The client enables the user to avoid the GSM network and use the data network for calling.

Typical firewalls will only allow HTTP port for network access. The client tunnels all the call data (SIP and RTSP) over HTTP to the server.

The high performance server creates a HTTP SIP bridge to ensure that the call is established with minimum latency.

Ø  SIP Handling on handsets like Symbian

Ø  Scalable server to handle hundreds of connections.


Ø  Build an application for Symbian and other handsets to enable users to do a VOIP call.

Ø  Stable application .

Ø  High Performance Proxy Server managing TCP and UDP connections.

Ø  Server  - High performance

Ø  Tunnels the SIP, RTP traffic


Ø  Application allows mobile users to VOIP calls across firewalls.

Ø  Symbian Signed application

The solution provides a intuitive method to browse news, listen to audio, see movies and image clips. It also provides a city guide and information related to parties and happenings in that city. An application that works on variety of smart phones including Android, Blackberry. The application integrates with a backend server for the content.

Ø Intuitive & Attractive User interface

Ø Large amount and variety of data handling including audio, video and images


Ø Variety of blackberry clients including the new blackberry Storm.

Ø Intuitive user interface to display text and images

Ø Integrated with Audio and Video player of the handset for streaming.

Ø Smart pagination features

Ø Applications compatible to Vendor App stores


Ø User friendly and Simple Interface that follows the design guidelines of the different platforms.

Ø Quick access to information

The mobile application for smart-phones like Symbian, iPhone and Blackberry handsets helps the user to create a address book. In addition to the basic address book details , it also provides information about the users location and status. The server also keeps track of the history of conversations between the two users. The address book  (server side) integrates user profiles from different social networking sites to provide a unified list to the user.
Ø Intuitive User interface.

Ø Large amount of data

Ø Stable program needs to run all the time along with auto start capability
Ø Build a mobile application for different operating systems that will bring the address book to life.

Ø User is able to see image , status, message from each user.

Ø The user can do search, reach out to the user on multiple channels.

Ø Client performs asynchronous update to reflect changes.

Ø Brings the address book to life.

Ø Application is � specifically designed keeping in mind the platform.
Ø Highly user friendly address book.

Ø Enables the user to reach their contacts on their preferred channel of communication (call, text, email) without knowing their numbers.

Ø Ability to provide unified address book with access to social networking from within the application.
The mobile application is a must carry travel guide on the handset. It helps the user locate hotels with the required amenities, locate points of interest like museums, shopping places, entertainment parks based on his current location. The map that is presented has driving directions, distance and details about the point of interest.

Ø Intuitive User interface.

Ø Multiple devices

Ø Map Integration on devices.


Ø Build a mobile application using J2Me such that it can be run on multiple handsets. The application integrates with NAVTEQ maps The application also provides a server integration for content and also to get the user reviews, rating and facilitate booking of hotels from the handset.

Ø The user is provided with options of zooming in/out, panning and moving around on the map.

Ø The application integrates with the server to get all data hotels, points of interest and information about them from the server.

Ø Intuitive UI to facilitate use of the application.


Ø Easy Guide about the city.

Ø Accurate details about the hotels and points of interest.