Providing ‘anytime, anywhere' access, our MobiForm and MobiReport solutions present you with limitless opportunities to extend excellence beyond the four walls of your business. You will be able to ensure consistency of customer service, rapidly respond to customer needs in real time, manage and control your business more efficiently, extend your IT investments into the field and reduce the costs of doing business.

Mobile workforce solution will help you make the most of every customer encounter by ensuring your field team has accurate information, streamlined processes, and seamless communications.

Mobiforms and Mobireports are simple and secure applications on mobile that allows mobile workers to spend less time on paperwork and more time providing services. Mobiforms makes it quick and easy to synchronize information with office systems, time in the office is freed up too, getting rid of duplicated effort and avoiding inaccuracies caused by freehand input methods.


Ariose is leveraging its expertise to deliver services to the entire VAS spectrum. End to end service. Some of the areas we work

  •     Mobile Application ideal for lightweight data entry, query or report.
  •     Real-time, in-depth statistics available as reports.
  •     Moves the data from the forms securely.
  •     Audit trail and digital signatures can also be added for more security.
  •     Reports available as tables, graphs, pie-charts.
  •     Mobile Forms with GPS to pinpoint the location to prove where the form is being completed.
  •     Photos with GPS to add photos to your form for proof (for example, of repair or delivery condition).
  •     Mobile Task List - Push task lists to service engineers on the move.
  •     Available on most of the handsets
  •     Appropriate for sales force, service engineers, data gathering across all verticals like health care, financial, logistics or any vertical requiring handling of field and confidential data.
  •     Much less expensive that deploying laptops or tablet PCs - lower capital cost, lower maintenance costs, plus combines a cell phone with the hand held.